Services for the Health in Asian & African Regions (SHARE) = SHARE is a citizen sector organization (NGO) that engages in international cooperation mainly through providing health service.

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How to Support


Donations to support ongoing projects

To improve and enhance SHARE's projects, donations are greatly appreciated, and we hope for your generous support. To donate online, access SHARE's homepage at

Become a member of SHARE

As a member of SHARE you will become an active member of the organization through participation in the general membership meetings and the general decision-making process. You will also receive regular updates and information about our current projects. We look forward to your participation.

Collect and Volunteer!
Your international volunteer experience starts here!

Everyday items can be valuable resources for SHARE. Get together with your family, friends, and neighbors and send us these items.
The items SHARE collects include: stamps (unused and used), postcards (unused and used), pre-paid cards (unused and used), product and book coupons, used CD albums, bazaar goods, mileage points.

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

The feeling of wanting to help is no different in an NGO than in a corporation. SHARE hopes that you will act on these feelings and help save lives. We look forward to your participation in our projects.

What can you do through CSR?

1.Employee participation (training, workshops, volunteering)
2-Corporate support (charity goods, publicity, gifts)
3-Direct support for our activities (project support, sponsorship, donation boxes, fundraising)

Protecting Lives

Corporations may participate in SHARE's projects and activities as its partners in achieving the goal of protecting lives.
1.Participation will raise the corporation's international standing.
2.SHARE will actively publicize the partnership, and thus increase the corporation's publicity.
3.SHARE will provide a detailed report of the corporation's participation.
4.SHARE will arrange observational trips to the project sites.
Donation/Fund-raise:The share is recognition NPO. The contribution of everybody becomes the object of the deduction.
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  • post card, stamp