Services for the Health in Asian & African Regions (SHARE) = SHARE is a citizen sector organization (NGO) that engages in international cooperation mainly through providing health service.

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Our Core Values

Our Approach
SHARE strives to create a society in which everybody has access to primary healthcare. Thus, the organization focuses on health projects which provide assistance and education in the hope of establishing a long-term system to moderate preventable health problems.

Listening to Those in Need--Problem Solving from a Local Standpoint

SHARE sets itself apart in its attempt to understand health problems from a local perspective. Focusing first and foremost on locals' needs, SHARE's members work within the community to identify the best way to tackle prevailing health problems. Accordingly, in order to ensure the best results for those living in difficult situations, SHARE's staff craft projects based on a case-by-case evaluation of local circumstances.

Achieving Long-Term Stability--Building Self-Reliance

In order to establish a community in which effective, long-term healthcare is possible, SHARE's programs foster a sense of self-reliance and confidence. These projects are designed not only to educate locals regarding health issues, but also to help them utilize their knowledge and apply it to various health-related situations in their community. Because SHARE hopes that locals will sustain its projects even after termination, SHARE believes self-reliance is vital in maintaining adequate healthcare.

Community Participation - Locals are the Agents of Change

SHARE encourages local members to take part not only in the project itself, but also in its planning, implementation, and evaluation. SHARE's goal is to create projects in which locals can participate directly, empowering them to take the initiative to make changes within their community.

Human Resource Development - People Are the Keys to a Healthy Community

An important component of proper healthcare is the training and education of health professionals. Therefore, instead of focusing on material support, SHARE helps instruct staff in foundational health principles as well as in the importance of teamwork and cooperation. These skills, taught through various SHARE programs, contribute to the advancement of healthcare services in developing countries.

Cooperation and Integration - Aid Through Understanding

In some cases, health issues cannot be solved merely through medical treatments and services, as they are affected by factors such as education, welfare, and economic development. Because health issues are so intertwined with social and economic realities, SHARE collaborates with organizations outside of the heath field to understand how best to create their programs. In order to provide care more effectively, SHARE appreciates cooperation and flexibility among multiple disciplines.
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